Upcoming Webinar: 10 Ways to Meet the Prospect of Your Dreams

When: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time: 12:00 PM ET (30 minutes)

Audience: Branch managers, small business bankers, business bankers, commercial bankers

Host: Nick Miller, President of Clarity Advantage

Fee: Complimentary

Summary: Get new ideas for finding good prospects, booking more appointments, and accelerating sales in this fast-paced, live webinar.


Full Description:

A banker we know was walking to a meeting one day and walked past a broken down stretch limousine full of business Presidents and CEOs. They instantly realized that he was a really capable and unique banker. Many of them begged the banker to work with them, but alas his portfolio of existing clients was so significant that he had to pick just the three he liked best. Within a few months, they were everything he ever dreamed of. They borrowed — significantly — lines of credit, term debt, leases, mortgages.  They used multiple cash management services.  They wrote numerous insurance policies.  Their senior leaders all switched their enormous personal banking relationships to his bank. They referred their CEO friends….. and their friends. Everything was perfect.

Unfortunately everything after “A banker we know was walking to a meeting one day” is not true. In fact life doesn’t work like that, because if it did we’d all be making our numbers and driving Ferraris.

Together, let’s say it out loud: “Our dream prospects are NOT going to fall into our laps.” Furthermore, nothing falls in our laps. Not prospects. Not referral sources. Not elephant deals that seal our numbers for the year. It takes “effort” and “dedication” and if we want good prospects, we are going to have to step out of our comfort levels, we are going to have stop doing what we have been doing, and take a new approach. So grab your briefcases. Let’s go.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to swim in the right ponds
  • How to make yourself more attractive to potential clients
  • Ways to refine your approaches
  • How to leverage your time more effectively

Actually, the webinar will be a lot more fun than those four bullets suggest, and we don’t want to give away the magic too soon!



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