New Sales Training Video Offers Business Bankers Tips on How to Sell More by Selling Value

Nick Miller, president of the bank sales consulting firm Clarity Advantage, explains how business bankers can sell value—and win the business—when customers demand lower prices in the company’s latest sales training video.

“Don’t drop your prices,” says Nick Miller, president of the bank sales consulting firm, Clarity Advantage. “Sell the value; help business banking customers see the value in the bank’s solutions.”  In the company’s latest sales training video entitled Better Questions Beget Bigger Sales, Miller helps business bankers move from price-based selling to value-based selling.

“If a customer says, ‘I’ll do business with you if you match your competitor’s price,’ it’s a signal for the business banker to broaden his or her understanding of the customer’s operating environment, challenges, preferences, and aspirations,” says Miller. “Then, by asking the right questions, the banker can explore each of those four areas with the idea to develop a solution that fits, at a price that reflects the value.”

Better Questions Beget Bigger Sales is one resource Clarity Advantage offers to help business bankers develop more profitable relationships, faster, with business owners, their employees, and families.  The company also offers seven prepared bank sales training programs, including Talking Business with Small Business®, a classroom session for branch managers and business bankers who sell to small and medium-sized businesses.

“In Talking Business with Small Business®, we take the sales techniques offered in the video to the next level and work hands on with bankers to help them lead engaging, productive, differentiating sales call conversations that uncover multiple challenges or issues that the bank can address,” explains Miller.

Better Questions Beget Bigger Sales is one in a series of 12 educational videos that Clarity Advantage will produce in 2012 aimed at helping bankers increase their sales results. To access Clarity Advantage’s video library, click here.

About Clarity Advantage: Bank sales consulting firm Clarity Advantage helps banks clarify, implement, and execute sales strategies to generate more profitable relationships, faster, with small and medium-sized companies, their owners, and employees, working with branch, field sales, and call center sales team members. The company also assists banks to attract and expand relationships with individuals and families. Visitors to Clarity’s website,, can subscribe to “The Weekly Sales Thought,” a free eNewsletter and podcast focused on business-to-business sales techniques and sales management.


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Clarity Advantage



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