Managing Sales Process

Sales Survival (Issue 450)

In which we learn how survival instincts affect our selling practices. Why do so many sales representatives “pounce” on the first opportunity they see in a sales process, leaving potentially larger business opportunities untouched? Why are account penetration and cross sell ratios so low, almost universally? Read more »

Working the Storm (Issue 449)

In which we discuss the routines of managing our time and territories. Shoveling snow is my favorite exercise. OK, you think I’m a raving lunatic. You wouldn’t be the first to have this thought (at least about my approach to winter storms, and the line forms to the left, behind my children and wife). Read more »

The Gift (Issue 448)

A seasonal message which we’re encouraged to share what we know with people in need. She was driving her young children home at the end of a “day out with Mom.” She was late, she had a lot to do, and she wanted to get home. Read more »

Bringing Our Prospects to Us (Issue 447)

In which we explore “expertise marketing” – speak, write, or be written about – as a pipeline development strategy. Sunday morning, I did a little research on Roth IRAs, answering a pointed spousal inquiry. Using a well known search engine, I found a December 6, 2009 Detroit Free Press column, “Savers May Benefit from Converting … Read more »

Save Room for Dessert (The Annual Thanksgiving Issue, 446)

In which we discuss the merits of pacing oneself through the sales year. (We offered this column for the first time in 2002. We repeat it annually  to mark the passing year.) Last Thursday, my family and I, complete with children and grand mothers, celebrated Thanksgiving. I married into a family that believes Thanksgiving dinner … Read more »

Trusted Advisors (Issue 445)

Comes one who seeks to be my trusted advisor with a seat at the Trusted Advisor table. My Urban Spoon app wouldn’t open on my iPHone. Neither would the other apps I’d downloaded. Read more »

What Have You Done For Me Lately (Issue 444)

In which we are reminded…. and  reminded… and reminded… to remind out clients about the value we’re creating with them. “What time is your flight,” inquired my driver? I climbed into his cab at 5:30 pm, leaving my hotel in Chicago bound for O’Hare airport. “7:10 pm,” I replied. Read more »

Show Me That ‘Cha Love Me (Issue 442)

In which we’re reminded to call even our smallest clients at least once per year to check in. “I’m really disappointed in how your firm has taken care of us,” I said to the managing partner. Read more »

Decisions, Decisions (Issue 438)

“So, I had to make the decision,” she said. “The tests said that I was in the middle zone for risk, which meant that the treatment options weren’t precisely defined. Doctors are pretty clear about preferred treatment plans if you’re in the low risk zone or the high risk zone, and it’s confusing in the … Read more »

Skip’s Lesson (Issue 437)

In which we are reminded that we own the leads we’re given, no matter how bad (or good) they are. “Here,” he said, handing me the torque wrench, gently pushing me on my mechanic’s creeper under the car. “You’re going to tighten these.” Read more »