Weekly Sales Thoughts

Find Ways to Say “Yes”! (Issue 718)

In which we are reminded that part of our roles as sales professionals is to find ways to say “yes” when the “by the book” answer is, ‘no, we don’t do it that way.” Read more »

We’ve Been To Your Web Site (Issue 717)

In which we ask a question: How to respond when a prospect or client calls, having done most of the “buying” process on their own. Read more »

Thinking Ahead (Issue 716)

In which we are encouraged to help our clients think ahead, anticipate, and prepare to solve problems early. Read more »

Stories (Issue 714)

In which we are encouraged to take the stories we hear as a starting point, not the last word. Read more »

Short Cuts (Issue 713)

In which we are encouraged to stick with our proven sales processes rather seeking short cuts. Read more »

Hallelujah Multitasking (Issue 712)

In which we are reminded to plan ahead and multi-task in our sales calls. Read more »

You CAN’T Be Serious! (Issue 711)

In which we are reminded that we don’t always hear what we think we’ve heard. Read more »

Save Room for Dessert (Issue 710)

In which we are reminded, again, to maintain capacity for the accounts and clients that are most important. Read more »

Be Memorable (Issue 709)

In which we are reminded… STAND OUT SOMEHOW. Read more »

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