Weekly Sales Thoughts

A Mother’s Love (Issue 698)

In which we are reminded that complaints or expressions of interest are not sufficient foundations to pitch. Read more »

On the Trail (Issue 697)

In which we are urged to get out from behind our desks and go TO our clients to earn their business. Read more »

Treasures of the Trip (Issue 696)

In which we are encouraged to savor and ask questions that go beyond the obvious. Read more »

Movement in the Mercado (Issue 695)

In which we learn marketing from Mercado merchants’ movement. Read more »

Unraveling Client Yarns (Issue 694)

In which we are reminded to manage our discovery questioning patiently. Read more »

Stop the Bleeding (Issue 693)

In which we are reminded to maintain a broad view and help our clients solve the problems that are immediate and urgent, whether or not we make a sale in that moment. Read more »

A Time to Plan (Issue 692)

In which we are reminded to take the time to plan calls and meetings, early enough, when it counts. Read more »

Look Up! (Issue 691)

In which we are reminded to look up and ahead, from time to time, amidst our intense focus on sales activities. Read more »

Seeds of Doubt (Issue 690)

In which we wonder about the sagacity of posting “away” messages on email or voice mail. Read more »

Notes and Cards (Issue 689)

In which we are reminded to be memorable by acknowledging and celebrating clients and network friends. Read more »