Weekly Sales Thoughts

What If (Issue 562)

In which we are reminded to poke our clients’ and prospects’ assumptions, the better to recommend solutions and to increase the value of our discussions with them. Read more »

Five Fast Ones (Issue 561)

In which we are reminded to prepare for five predictable sales objections…. And then to stop asking for them. Read more »

Two Months Free (Issue 560)

In which we are reminded that cutting price (at least without being asked) is not a strong strategy for dissolving clients’ purchasing roadblocks. Read more »

Softening Up Sales (Issue 559)

In which we learn from brilliant event planners how to prepare and engage prospects and customers. Read more »

Scary Specifics (Issue 558)

In which we are reminded to provide credible, specific consequences and benefits to action when we’re playing the “fear and uncertainty” card to book an appointment with a prospect. Read more »

What D’Ya Got (Issue 557)

In which we are reminded to warm up and rehearse our calls before we sit down with clients. Read more »

Transcendental Ghosts (Issue 556)

In which we learn from an America philosopher a question of discovery Read more »

Conversation Bridges (Issue 555)

In which we explore questions to get beyond small talk. Read more »

Where Do You Feel the Pain (Issue 554)

In which we recommend questions that ask specifically about performance rather than asking “where does it hurt?”  Read more »

Don’t Ask That (Issue 553)

In which we are reminded not to ask the question, “What keeps you up at night?” Read more »