Weekly Sales Thoughts

Home Remedies (Issue 823)

In which we are reminded that it’s useful to know multiple ways to configure our products (or even other companies’ products) to solve clients’ problems so that we add value and keep the relationships Read more »

No Fiddling (Issue 822)

In which we are reminded, sales is a tough instrument. Keep practicing, regardless of how good the numbers are. Read more »

Tracking, Schmacking (Why Bother?) (Issue 821)

In which we are reminded of the glorious sustaining benefits of activity tracking. Read more »

They Don’t Care About Our Products (Issue 820)

In which we are reminded that dollarizing our value is an INCREASINGLY essential sales discipline. Read more »

Unambiguous (Issue 819)

In which we are reminded that immediate, specific feedback is extraordinarily valuable when changing behaviors or routines. Read more »

Dealing with Distraction (Issue 818)

In which we are reminded that, sometimes, we have to help clients settle issues that have little to do with us in order for them to give us their full attention. Read more »

Follow The Cues We’re Given (Issue 817)

In which we are reminded that, sometimes, following the cues we’re given is more important than finishing the task we’d planned. Read more »

Entering The (Prospecting) Cave of Wonders (Issue 816)

In which we discuss the opportunities and dangers in calling business prospects before business hours or on weekends and holidays. Read more »

Lousy Sales Leads (Issue 815)

In which we are reminded… no lead list is perfect. Just get on with things. Read more »

Repeat Business (On The Way to Trust) (Issue 814)

In which we are reminded not to assume we understand what our clients seek when they come back to us. Read more »