Silver Sonatas (Issue 723)

In which we are challenged to make our differentiators more obvious, easier to see. I know I’m breaking your hearts and (despite my energetic “I embrace winter” public proclamations), I retreated last week to a warm weather island tourist location for a few days out of the cold. From the “how quickly they forget” department: … Read more »

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Issue 722)

In which we are reminded to pay attention to our clients ‘FEELINGS’ as well as their facts. Imagine this: You are a bank relationship manager. Alpha Company has been one of your clients. For one reason or another, you decide to leave the bank and take another position. You call your client at Alpha to share … Read more »

Sales Leadership (Issue 721)

In which we are reminded…We can lead. Read more »

Five Second Memory (Issue 720)

In which we are reminded to learn quickly and move on after mistakes. No brooding! Read more »

What Sales Is About (Issue 719)

In which we are reminded about the value proposition that WE are and can be. Read more »

Find Ways to Say “Yes”! (Issue 718)

In which we are reminded that part of our roles as sales professionals is to find ways to say “yes” when the “by the book” answer is, ‘no, we don’t do it that way.” Read more »

We’ve Been To Your Web Site (Issue 717)

In which we ask a question: How to respond when a prospect or client calls, having done most of the “buying” process on their own. Read more »

[Video] 3 Ways to Strengthen Relationships with Small Business Banking Clients

Small business bankers and branch managers gain relationship-building strategies in a new video produced by bank sales consulting and training firm Clarity Advantage. Read more »

Thinking Ahead (Issue 716)

In which we are encouraged to help our clients think ahead, anticipate, and prepare to solve problems early. Read more »

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