A Mother’s Love (Issue 698)

In which we are reminded that complaints or expressions of interest are not sufficient foundations to pitch. Read more »

On the Trail (Issue 697)

In which we are urged to get out from behind our desks and go TO our clients to earn their business. Read more »

Treasures of the Trip (Issue 696)

In which we are encouraged to savor and ask questions that go beyond the obvious. Read more »

Movement in the Mercado (Issue 695)

In which we learn marketing from Mercado merchants’ movement. Read more »

2 Ways Bankers Can Become Better Negotiators

Two keys to better negotiating—starting early and adding value—are explored in a new sales tip video for bank sales people produced by bank sales consulting and training firm Clarity Advantage. “For many people, a ‘negotiation’ comes out of nowhere like a beach ball they didn’t see coming,” says Nick Miller, president of the bank sales … Read more »

Unraveling Client Yarns (Issue 694)

In which we are reminded to manage our discovery questioning patiently. Read more »

Sell More, Faster, by Staying Focused [Sales Tip Video]

New sales tip video released by bank sales consulting and training firm Clarity Advantage shares ways bank sales people can stay focused on what’s important, resulting in more profitable sales.   “Focusing on the most important clients and most important issues earn bank sales people the most profitable business,” says Nick Miller, president of the … Read more »

Stop the Bleeding (Issue 693)

In which we are reminded to maintain a broad view and help our clients solve the problems that are immediate and urgent, whether or not we make a sale in that moment. Read more »

A Time to Plan (Issue 692)

In which we are reminded to take the time to plan calls and meetings, early enough, when it counts. Read more »

First Citizens Small-Business Microsite Packs a Punch

Small Business Resources Debuts on Bank’s Website More and more banks are recognizing the importance of offering good quality, small-business content on their websites. First Citizens is a great example of this trend. The bank recently launched a new small-business microsite—Small Business Resources —that adds punch to their online value proposition. Here’s what we like … Read more »