Maximizing Networks Using LinkedIn

Social selling – Show up stronger online and attract prospects

Bankers Generate More Connections and Sales via LinkedIn

Prospecting and business development are shifting into the virtual world. Traditional strategies – canvassing, referral seeking from a few COIs – are less and less effective.

In the virtual world, many bankers do not yet understand the concepts and strategies for social selling and attracting clients through their contributions to and participation in on-line networks and groups. Further, most banker LinkedIn Profiles look like “hire me” job postings…and not good ones, at that. Even worse, bankers fail to use even the basic LinkedIn functions effectively to connect with highly desirable prospects and influencers. The result: missed or lost opportunity for new clients and revenue.

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  • Clarity about social selling— how it’s different, why it’s important
  • A 100% complete, professional, and optimized LinkedIn Profile
  • Personal marketing, prospecting, pre-call planning strategies to engage future and existing customers within the LinkedIn community

Learning Activities

Through a series of eLearning modules, participants in Clarity Advantage’s Maximizing Networks Using LinkedIn first learn or review the foundation elements of effective LinkedIn use, then leverage LinkedIn’s powerful search, association, and personal marketing tools to expand networks, gain introductions, and attract more and better quality banking relationships.

Course 1 focuses on social selling strategies, development of a complete Profile, networking through Groups, asking for introductions, and using LinkedIn for prospecting pre-call planning.

Course 2 incorporates successful personal marketing strategies including definition of ideal prospects, creation of a personal value proposition, enhancement of the Profile to appeal to the ideal prospects, and strategies for content sharing and widening the network.
Time: Five hours to seven hours plus post-course sustainment activities.

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