View from Inside

I received a prospecting phone call from a telephone service company last week. The guy made a solid “results” approach, offering to reduce our telephone costs 20% to 40%. While that sounded attractive, I told him we are locked into a contract with our phone company. He said, “OK, thanks” and terminated the call.  I … Read more »


“Hey, Rob! Are you receiving my Weekly Sales Thought every week?” One of six moments in my life I’d like to have back. (I’m not telling what the other five are. Don’t ask.) Sounds pretty benign EXCEPT (1) this was my opening question while meeting a prospective client in the hallway of a conference who … Read more »


On my way home from a city that shall remain nameless, I drove through the airport looking for access to the gas station from whose cool, subterranean tanks I needed fuel. I was feeling lucky. No traffic in front of me. Still time to fill the tank and make the plane.  Down the approach to … Read more »

When The Order Looks Too Small

8:30 pm Saturday night. With brief clatter, wine glass met table as our server, John, who only moments before had greeted us warmly at our table, expressed his irritation with our small dinner order, about half the ticket he might have expected from three adults.  We’d come in from a very full, long day, hungry, … Read more »