Engage New Friends (Issue 758)

In which we are reminded that people “out there” are reading what we write on line…. Really!

There has been some unrest on college campuses in the last week. Although on a much, much smaller scale, and with far less violence, the pattern of protests, the language, college administrator responses, and news media coverage, are all reminiscent of an earlier time, the student protests in the Fall of 1969 and the student strikes in the Spring of 1970 (happily, absent a repeat of Kent State).

Déjà vu, all over again.

On Saturday morning, I read a column in which the commentator reflected on the similarities and our current generation’s response to the events of the day.

I was touched by his column; I shared one of my campus experiences as a comment under his column, sharply remembered even at a distance and crisply recounted.

I will spare you that story, lest it change our relationship, you thinking that I’m either raging with the radical left or riding just to the right of Genghis Kahn.

In any event, within about 90 minutes of my posting the response, I had 18 “likes” and one comment. I was flabbergasted. Who reads political columns at 7 AM on a Saturday morning… besides me? Which time zone were they in? Much less, who “likes” the responses? As of Sunday morning, people are still “liking” my response.

Lest we doubt that people are reading what we write online — evidence that they do. Not necessarily our target prospects or clients (that’s a matter of targeting)… and people are reading. I now have 18 people about whom I know something (they “liked” my point of view), 18 people with whom I could engage in dialogue – 18 more than I had before.

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