Regional Bank Retains Clarity to Support Business Banking Launch

August 3, 2022    A U.S. Regional Bank has retained Clarity to assist with standing up a new relationship-based business banking line of business focused on companies with sales between $1 million and $10 million.  The bank’s branches will focus on companies with sales of less than $1 million; the commercial banking group will focus on larger companies.  Clarity’s mandate includes crafting sales positioning language, defining sales management activity cadences and content, and defining qualitative and quantitative KPIs for bankers and managers.

In addition, Clarity will provide playbooks for both team leaders and bankers incorporating tools, methods, processes, and language for network development, COI development, prospect approaches, and discovery conversations with clients and prospects.

Following initial implementation of the playbooks, Clarity will provide training focused on the business and financial issues the bank can address for small businesses, their owners, and their employees; the products and services that address them; and the processes for working with internal and external product partners to develop proposals and deliver products and services.

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