Better Questions, Listening

Keep An Eye Out. Ask A Question. (Issue 782)

In which we are reminded: Look up, from time to time, and engage with the people around us.  No telling who we will meet. Read more »

Why Do You Ask???? (Issue 775)

In which we are reminded that very few questions come from idle curiosity. We need to know why. Read more »

Seeing Beyond the Obvious (Issue 773)

In which we are reminded that every client personal detail reveals choices and avenues to insight. “Krokodilo.” Not an every-day word. My best guess: It’s an Esperanto word for “crocodile.” [Esperanto is a constructed language created in the late 19th Century intended to foster harmony between people from different countries and, no, I neither speak … Read more »

Get Out Of Our Heads (Issue 767)

In which we, those of us who are introverts,  are reminded to get out of our heads to engage with others at all possible moments. Our first winter in the city of Cambridge. After last night’s swirling Nor’easter drove snow off the ocean through the Boston Harbor, this morning broke clear, still, and cold. While … Read more »

Focused Too Tight? (Issue 766)

In which we are reminded not to limit our explorations with clients and prospects to those issues in which they express interest or which they purchase. “You know how Amazon and others watch your purchases and start to push you things they think you’d be interested in?” asked one of my friends. “Yes,” I allowed, … Read more »

Ask First… (Issue 765)

Yet one more time… In which we are reminded to clarify before we pitch Read more »

When the Baby’s Ugly (Issue 761)

In which we are reminded not to call another person’s baby ugly… even if…. Read more »

Eat! Eat Some More! (Issue 755)

In which we are encouraged to understand context before we pitch recommendations. Read more »

The Changing Game (Issue 753)

In which we are encouraged to practice our conversation and sales skills in everyday life so they’re sharp when we need them in sales calls. Read more »

Not Thirsty (Issue 752)

In which we are reminded that, even if we provide water, horses won’t drink if they’re not already thirsty or if we can’t convince them that drinking now would be a really good idea. Read more »