Our consulting solutions transform clients’ sales and productivity challenges into profitable opportunities.

img_consultingBank sales leaders face significant challenges in driving sales and productivity, among them:

  • Insufficient knowledge of best practices – what really works
  • Ineffective leadership, execution, and coaching disciplines
  • Inadequately skilled or informed sales team members
  • Misalignment of sellers, channels, and opportunities
  • Conflicting or competing internal priorities and opinions
  • Accurate assessment of sales team capabilities in existing or acquired sales teams

Our consulting engagements have included:

  • Targeting – Defining industries, prospects, and customers on which sales team members should be calling
  • Value – Articulating the value that our clients and their individual team members create to differentiate them from other bankers and banks
  • Process – Designing sales process to differentiate clients from other banks, create new value for their customers, and boost sales productivity
  • Execution – Disciplining and managing the sales process through planning, measurement, and coaching practices
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