Target Industry Opportunity Profiles

We help bankers lead productive, insightful conversations with business owners, resulting in “trusted advisor” relationships.

img_targetindustryCredibility. Business leaders expect bankers to understand their businesses and share ideas that improve profitability and cash flow.

Advice. Leaders appreciate bankers who help them anticipate issues and lead their thinking. That’s how ‘trusted advisor’ relationships develop.

Through our Vertical IQ service, we help bankers develop insights and lead productive conversations:

  • Opportunities — the most likely bank solutions to address payment cycle challenges, credit risks, and emerging issues in over 200 core industries
  • Insights — easily used, quickly accessed briefings and call-planning questions
  • Confidence — training that builds confidence in discussing industry conditions, challenges, and critical issues bankers’ clients should address
  • Reasons to talk — email updates and alerts to prompt bankers to contact clients about changing conditions and opportunities or risks



Trust is built with consistency.

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