Website Strategy and Interactive Content

We help banks devise web content marketing strategies to attract and engage  business owners.

img_website-contentWe then provide expertly written content:

  • Integrates with bank marketing strategy
  • Targets small business pain points
  • Solves small business owner problems
  • Fresh, updated regularly, and localized
  • Styled according to the bank’s brand
  • Compatible with all mobile devices

We offer seven content types:

  1. Business Guides—1,200-word articles and documents covering solutions to small business pain points.
  2. eLearning—Lessons, including downloadable templates, check boxes, and input boxes, help small business owners build action plans for managing or starting their businesses.
  3. Health Checks—10 questions per topic help small business owners benchmark themselves against the best. Supporting information, links, templates, and advice provided based on the answers given.
  4. Templates—Useful business templates small business owners can download and keep for ongoing use.
  5. Videos—Core messages conveyed on a variety of small business topics in short, video format.
  6. Info Graphics—Pictorial images of processes that easily explain a range of often complex business concepts.
  7. Quizzes—Short Q&A quizzes that provide right/wrong answers, and then offer advice and resources upon completion.

Content types can be deployed two ways:

Embed inside the bank’s website—You choose the content and we provide it to your web team to embed inside your website.

Host on external microsite —You choose the content and we build a branded microsite your web team links to from your website.

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