Field Coaching

Drive better sales numbers

Improve capabilities in field observation and coaching, set priorities about coaching, and articulate “what good should look like.”

Focus: Retail (branch manager, district manager, regional manager) and business banking team leaders

Main Messages: Get out into the field more. Coach behaviors to drive better sales numbers. Know the skills you’re coaching well enough to recognize what “good” looks like and to recommend changes. Prepare for your observation calls and coaching conversations. Document your conversations.

Learning Points: Through a series of small group discussions, individual work, video review, and multiple role-plays, participants improve their capabilities to

  • Plan time for additional field observation and coaching
  • Set priorities about which direct reports to coach and on what points
  • Articulate clearly “what good should look like” on high priority behaviors
  • Prepare for field observation and coaching conversations
  • Facilitate coaching conversations
  • Document conversations and set foundation for follow-up coaching

Delivery: One-day classroom training, pre-classroom reading, and participant conversation with his or her manager.

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