Selling Treasury Management and Deposit Services®

Cross sell more treasury management, attract more deposits

Stronger differentiation, better quality referrals to Treasury Management, more cross sales of Treasury Management products, and faster deposit growth.

Focus: Business bankers and business banking team leaders

Main Messages: Build business banker focus (“I know which companies to call on for deposits and cash management”), confidence (“I understand business cash flow management challenges”), product knowledge (“I know how our solutions address the challenges”), business conversation skills (“I can lead discussion about cash flow management and deposits, then describe our solutions”), and teamwork between business bankers and Treasury Management specialists.

Learning Points: Through self-study, classroom participation, and a series of field sales meetings, participants learn to

  • Focus their sales efforts on companies that will generate the most fee income and deposits
  • Prepare for and lead discussion about cash management challenges in sales calls
  • Describe the key features and benefits of the bank’s most popular cash management products
  • Identify selling opportunities for the selected cash management products
  • Access marketing materials and additional sources of product information
  • Apply best practices for face-to-face calls when selling cash management solutions
  • More effectively sell cash management solutions

Delivery: Classroom training, pre-classroom self-study, and sales team meetings.

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