Creating a Disciplined Sales Management System

Clarity Role: We assisted a major regional bank with designing and implementing a structured sales management operating system that included planning, review, and activity management components.

Outcome: Within three months of implementation, sales managers reported a significant increase in sales call activity, call preparation and planning, and confidence in pipeline accuracy. Seven years later, most regions of the bank’s commercial team are using the system.

Reducing New Hire Wasted Effort

Clarity Role: For a major regional bank, we developed a 90-day ramp-up plan for newly hired commercial bankers, indicating week-by-week their high-priority activities, accomplishments, and accountabilities.

Outcome: More focus, less wasted time, shorter ramp-up time lines, and management agreement on criteria for completion of the 90-day “probation” period.

Accelerating Cash Management Opportunity Identification

Clarity Role: For a major regional bank, we developed “sales–oriented” product knowledge training (different from “product–focused” product training) for high-priority products.

Outcome: Reduced time required for newly hired sales team members to identify opportunities.

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