Why Engage us

More than a training company

Frequently, our clients think they’re buying training. We deliver far more than that.

1. Practical Tools that Move the Needle

We’ve asked several of our clients, “Why did you hire us? And why do you continue to hire us?” In the words of one repeat client, “Practical tools that move the needle.” Meaning,

  • We keep our concepts and tools simple.
  • We design for people with short attention spans and too much on their plates.
  • Our tools work; they help our clients generate more profitable relationships—faster. They help increase productivity and efficiency.
  • They bring some flair and joy to the work lives of the people who are pounded every day to produce more with less.

2. Done Your Way

Sure, we have experience, and we’ve developed views about what works and what doesn’t, and we share those views with our clients. However, when we start work, we’re playing on your golf course, and we hit the ball from where it lies, not where we wish it were, not where you wish it were.

You need it done by date X? We’ll do it. You need it written a particular way? Fine. Our pleasure. You need it three different ways because your regional presidents all want something “unique.” If that’s what it takes to move them forward, OK, sounds good to us. We do what works for each client, individually, based on their resources, capabilities, values, and budgets. (Yes, we like to be paid.)

3. Perspective You Usually Don’t Pay For

Other firms do one or several of the things we do. However, we’re the only one that does all of them. We’ve been doing them for a long time. Benefits to you: lower risk, lower cost, fewer moving parts, and faster completion.

Like…when you’re moving fast to launch a sales initiative or a training program, we’ll ask the questions maybe you or your teammates forgot to ask. No kidding, we can count on two fingers times clients have thought of EVERYTHING.

Or…you’ll be thinking through how to launch a new sales program and we’ll ask you, “Are your sales people the right people to take on this initiative?” Seems disconnected? They’re critical to your success.

4. Flexibility to Use Materials the Way YOU Want to Use Them

Many firms in the market provide materials for launches and trainings and say, “No, no, no, you can’t touch them.” They make a lotta bread taking that approach…and our view is, our clients need to be able to deconstruct, repurpose, and re-use materials in ways that make sense to them without worrying about whether a giant vacuum cleaner with a lawyer will show up to suck every last page of materials out of the bank when the contract expires.

So…do we ever say, “No, no, no?” Well, yes, we do. If you license one of our standard programs, we’ll tailor it for you, and we’ll negotiate the terms under which you can deconstruct, repurpose, or re-use the materials. Otherwise, you’re free to do as you wish, though we might take a position to preserve the value and integrity of the deliverables.

More? OK, we’re fast. If you’re on a short deadline to launch a new sales initiative, we’re your guys.

Not enough? OK, we’ll help you laugh. Seriously! We can do humorless, if you like, but we prefer it the other way.

At the same time, we’ll get your work done well, on time, and for budget. You’ll like what we do.


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