We’ve been lucky to work with some great clients and have made lots of friends along the way. Read on for some of the things they have said about us.

Talking Business with Small Business®

Talking Business with Small Business® was one of the best training sessions I have attended in a very long time. The format, pace and content of the training was excellent and as a result of my participation, I feel I am much better prepared to conduct successful and mutually beneficial sales calls.
Sales Manager at U.S Super-regional Bank
To realize that there is so much more I could be asking my customers is really eye-opening. And seeing that just simple decisions that business owners make can affect so much down the road. Being in the shoes of the business owner instead of the banker is key to understanding what business deal with.
Branch Manager, U.S Regional Bank
I loved it, it helped me get into a business owner mindset rather than banker and see what can affect a business. I learned that that high sales do not always correlate to great cash flow and that business owners could use our help at looking at things holistically, providing that outside perspective and expertise can go a long way in making or breaking a business.
Branch Manager, U.S. Regional Bank
I have been in banking for 20 years but new to business calling. This has been the most beneficial training that I have taken during that time. A great mix of fun, learning, hands on, and peer to peer interaction.
Branch Manager, U.S. Regional Bank

Conversations with Clients™

The most valuable thing this week for me was the reminder to keep my interactions with customers as full and holistic as possible. The tendency is to jump to immediate need, sometimes without having the entire picture. Listening and understanding what the customers needs and goals as specific to their life is important to be able to help them achieve the best possible financial wellness.
Branch Manager, U.S. Regional Bank
I really enjoyed learning ways to not look at customer's situations with so much of a "tunnel vision" concept. I will utilize what I've learned to gather the bigger picture. I look forward to implementing these tools into my customer service arsenal to give it a fresh approach.
Branch Manager, U.S. Regional Bank
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