Weekly Sales Thoughts

Free Advice

In which we are reminded to think about how we position our value and the value of our advice so that prospects and clients don’t take it for granted. Read more »

It’s Just A Point

In which we are encouraged to master overcoming hard moments. Read more »

Marching Saints (Issue 1146)

In which we are reminded that good coaches help us perform better than we think we can. I may have shared this story before and I’ve been reminded of it this week. Several years ago, I arranged for a New Orleans traditional brass band to kick off a conference in which I was the Master … Read more »

Maintaining Mystique (Issue 1145)

In which we are reminded to honor the magic – to align how we provide services or products with clients’ expectations. Read more »

Mashed Bananas (Issue 1144)

In which we are urged to choose and cultivate a distinctive brand trigger that connects clients to us. Read more »

Behind the Story (Issue 1143)

In which we are reminded to look carefully at details behind the narratives our clients are selling to us. Read more »

Small Details (Issue 1142)

In which we are reminded to get the small details right, on brand and on purpose. Read more »

Chickpea Burger (Issue 1141)

In which we are encouraged to avoid brand or reputational damage by guiding clients toward what we do best and away from our weak elements. Read more »

(Please Don’t) Keep Me Waiting (Issue 1140)

In which are reminded to not to leave clients and prospects in suspense when they’re waiting for our responses, proposals, or deliverables. Read more »

Boom Box (Issue 1139)

In which are reminded that, first, we have to attract prospects’ attention. Read more »

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