No More…Fear

Build knowledge and conversational confidence

Grab sales opportunities, recommend appropriate products, and deliver remarkable client experiences.

Focus: Branch staff and small business bankers

Main Messages: Branch staff and small business bankers can be deeply uncomfortable talking to small business owners. The result: missed sales opportunities, recommendations for the wrong products, and unremarkable client experiences. No more…fear prescribes a path—activities that build knowledge and conversational confidence.

Learning Points: Participants learn how to:

  • Develop deep knowledge of business challenges or opportunities in one or more business types.
  • Recognize and describe application of their bank’s products to address the challenges and opportunities.
  • Answer customers’ most likely questions about products or recommendations for change.
  • Position themselves and their experience as part of the bank’s solution.
  • Structure engaging, productive, efficient conversations with business owners.
  • Size businesses up for credit within well-understood parameters for credit applications.

Delivery: Individual team members can read and use the eBook as a “self-guided” development process. Team leaders can lead their team members through the No more… fear process using the eBook and Clarity’s five coaching sessions.

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