Building Networks That Feed Us®

Helping bankers make connections

Connect with and attract the people, companies, and situations bankers most want.

Focus: Sales team members (any line of business) who generate new business through referrals

Main Messages: Largely due to the Internet, the business development game has changed from “chase” to “attract”.  Strategically develop and nurture a focused, broad network of connectors, trusted by our prospects, who can give us a “heads up” or introduce us to people when they hear something. Then, show up like no one else. Differentiate and market yourself so you’re a magnet for the prospects that you want most and serve best.

Learning Points: “Building Networks” is a strategic, step-by-step approach to building or strengthening a personal brand and generating more business through introductions and referrals. Based on best practices collected over two decades, participants learn:

  • (For individual contributors) Building and sustaining personal marketing and network development disciplines
    • Identifying companies, people, or situations you most want your network to feed you
    • Developing messaging (what you say and do) to position yourself, build trust, and demonstrate capability
    • Communicating the messaging through initiatives that start with “one to a few” people and expanding to “one to many” people.
    • Nurturing and expanding network relationships
    • Leveraging time with technology
    • Establishing daily, weekly, and monthly cadences for network building and nurturing activities
  • (For sales team leaders and coaches) Leading and coaching network expansion


  • Nine 45-minute “live” virtual classroom instructor-led sessions, one session every two – three weeks. During each of the sessions, we introduce a new network development tactic and a “proposed investment” (i.e., an assignment) through which the participants begin implementing the tactic. Beginning with the second session, we also review the participants’ experiences with the previously assigned “investment” before we introduce the new tactic.
  • On request coaching of individual participants to assist with development of their messaging or implementation of other tactics in the process.

The delivery also includes:

  • A 90-minute kickoff and planning session for the participants’ supervisors or coaches.
  • Four additional 30-minute to 45-minute “coach the coach” sessions for participants’ supervisors or coaches during which we review participants’ progress to date, discuss the supervisors’/coaches’ coaching activities and successes/challenges, and introduce the upcoming two – three sessions and tactics.

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