Building Networks That Feed Us®

Helping bankers make connections

Connect with and attract the people, companies, and situations bankers most want.

Focus: Business-focused sales team members

Main Messages: Meeting more people—new disciplines and skills to expand community connections strategically and increase referral flow. Building Networks That Feed Us® helps bankers connect with and attract the people, companies, and situations they most want.

Learning Points:

  • Leading and coaching network expansion (for sales team leaders, includes 12-week implementation plan)
  • Building and sustaining personal networking disciplines
    • Grasping the new norms of networking
    • Distinguishing high-priority prospects
    • Choosing the best networks for investment
    • Nurturing and expanding network relationships
    • Positioning ourselves to attract
    • Asking for introductions and referrals
    • Leveraging our time with technology

Delivery: One-day classroom session plus structured in-field 6-12 week ramp-up plan.

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