The Way Forward

Helping businesses recover and grow after disruption

Engage and support business owners affected adversely or positively by public health challenges, natural disasters, or other disruptions.

Focus:  Business-focused sales team members (small business, business banking)

Main Messages:   Like an EMT arriving on an accident scene, check “patient” vital signs first – a quick check-in conversation to assess the situation and distress or opportunity levels. If the business looks viable, lead a conversation about plans and resources needed to recover or continue to expand during and after the disruption.

Learning Points:

  • “Vital signs” conversation content and flow
  • Listening with “broader ears” (beyond bank products) to identify needed resources
  • “Recovery and Growth” conversation content and flow
  • “Cash Flow” conversation content and flow
  • Matching bank products and business needs, whether businesses are wavering or thriving


Virtual instructor-led classroom sessions, three 2½-hour sessions, best led on consecutive days.  Other configurations are possible.

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