Meet Our Team

Personally engaged, value focused, and committed to every client’s success.


Nick Miller
Founder, President, Overall Leader

Doesn’t exactly OVERthink things, and gives them a lot of thought. Sees through a lens that the rest of us would love to find. Extraordinary listener and synthesizer. Writer of the Weekly Sales Thought and dozens of white papers. As he reminds us frequently, “Creative people need a lot of variety.” But, then, he also reminds us, “Corporate amnesia helps our clients embrace change.” icon_small-linkedin


Barbara Moore
Senior Consultant

Southern charmer, Alabama Tider, believer that everything happens for a reason (we’re still arguing that one), extraordinary facilitator and trainer. Barbara engages ‘em where they are and moves them to where they need to be…. and they’ll want to go there with her, no question. Not reachable Saturdays between August 1 to July 31 (SEC football season).


Stacey Larrabee
Senior Consultant

A Florida transplant living in Texas. Go figure. And, when it comes to helping small business, commercial, and corporate banking team members learn to understand the figures and engage clients in conversation about them, nobody better. icon_small-linkedin



Gayle McClure
Senior Consultant

Soft-spoken, yes. Perceptive, YES! A great teacher and coach, double yes. Gayle has worked in and consulted to banking organizations from a few branches to a few thousand. With broad experience in consumer and small business banking, she sees quickly and offers hard-won perspective about managing teams through change. icon_small-linkedin


Mike Maginn
Senior Advisor

We call him Captain and he’s earned the title. An experienced saltwater sailor with a Ph.D. in instructional design, he has for many years navigated oceans of competency studies, training, team effectiveness, and organizational change.  Mike’s credits include training programs through which tens of thousands of people have learned better sales, influencing, coaching, and leadership skills.


Carla Brown
Keeper of the Keys

Nobody would be paid and nobody would receive training materials if Carla didn’t do Carla. Behind her quiet façade, an unrepentant chocolate lover who cannot step away from tasks until they’re finished right. She tracks the stuff we’ve forgotten about and keeps us all straight. Plus, she knows where to pick the best blueberries on the planet. icon_small-linkedin



Rob Brebbia

If you ever needed an Excel spreadsheet to accomplish a task more easily and quickly, Rob’s your guy. In fact, even if you didn’t KNOW you needed the Excel spread sheet, Rob’s your guy. A welcome representative of the “Practical Controller” school, he develops the numbers that help us understand how we’re doing. He’s also a kick-butt money manager. icon_small-linkedin

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

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