Ready-To-Use Training

We offer 10 prepared training programs that can be used to support larger client initiatives or to train client team members in new-hire or other training programs.

thumb_talking-businessThe Way Forward
Conversations during or after public health challenges, natural disasters, or other disruptions. Identify business owner concerns and needs. Offer bank services and network capabilities to help. Be a guide. Be a resource.

Talking Buthumb_talking-businesssiness with Small Business®:
Business acumen and sales, conducting more effective, productive business sales calls based on deeper understanding of business cash flow and small business loan, deposit, and cash management products.

thumb_build-networksBuilding Networks That Feed Us®:

Meeting more people: New disciplines and skills to expand community connections strategically and increase referral flow.

thumb_get-beyondGetting Beyond Small Talk®:
As we meet people: Making the most of EVERY networking conversation.

thumb_big-pictureBig Picture Conversations®:
Understanding the activities and relationships in a business owner’s environment and cash cycle in order to have confident, competent conversations.

thumb_bridgesBuilding Bridges: Capturing Mixed Small Business Households:
For branch managers and small business bankers, learning how to bridge consumer and small business sales conversations, cross sell more, and increase relationship profitability.

thumb_accelerateAccelerating Sales:
Develop broader, deeper relationships, faster by focusing on client goals, values, and priorities.

thumb_field-coachingField Coaching:
Increase coaching leverage and impact through better prepared, more focused “ride-along” coaching conversations with sales people or direct-report sales managers, focusing on preparing, observing, and leading conversations to improve the sales process or behaviors.

no-ore-fearNo more…fear:
Developing knowledge, networks, and new ideas to confidently engage business owners and address their challenges.

Selling Cash Management and Deposit Services®:selling-cash-management
Stronger differentiation, better quality referrals to Treasury Management, more cross sales of Treasury Management products, and faster deposit growth.

Conversations with Clients:

Coaching consumers and individuals to clarify their goals and financial needs. Connect, access, recommend, and expand conversation to ensure they’re using the right financial tools when they need them.

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.

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