Building Bridges

Capturing mixed small business households

Increase the bank’s relationship profitability and cross selling.

Focus: Branch managers and small business bankers

Main Messages: Attracting full small business relationships (business + owner + employee) can increase a bank’s relationship profitability 300% or more and increase cross sells to 15 or more products, yet, most of these opportunities are lost or missed by branch managers and small business bankers.

Learning Points: For bank customers who are solely or predominantly business customers or personal customers, participants learn how to:

  • Identify additional potential opportunities within the existing relationship for the bank to serve its customers through discussion of their checking account transactions and cash flows
  • Broaden discussion to the “other” potential relationships (from business to personal and from personal to business) through discussion of checking account transactions and cash flows
  • Develop insights into why business or personal customers keep their ‘other’ business in another bank – the costs and benefits of their choices
  • Identify and recognize the primary challenges or objections to consolidating business and personal business at a single bank
  • Develop value-based arguments in favor of consolidation

Delivery: Pre-work, one-day classroom session, and coaching support that includes checkpoints, observation guides, and booster shots for sales managers in order to evaluate progress, enhance skills, and provide ongoing reinforcement.

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