Accelerating Sales

Planning and facilitating extraordinary, differentiating exploration conversations

Understand your client’s goals, values, and priorities through fearless questioning.

Focus: Branch Managers, Small Business Bankers, Commercial Bankers

Main Messages: Frequently, bankers dive deep into a single topic (often at a client’s direction) which turns into a ‘transaction’ conversation. They miss the opportunity to lay the foundation for a ‘relationship’ conversation. Our solution: Lead a Priorities Conversation, a structured, focused, 15-minute conversation about client trajectory (past, present, and future), goals, and priorities before diving into detailed discovery on any given issue, even when the client or prospect has made a specific, single request. The perspective gained provides a roadmap for both client and banker on relationship possibilities and relationship development.

Learning Points: Participants learn a distinctive and highly differentiating Priorities Conversation:

  • Researching, planning, and preparing for Priorities Conversation meetings
  • Opening the conversation and setting the stage for the Priorities Conversation
  • Positioning yourself and the bank (and establishing the foundation for the Priorities Conversation)
  • The “Priorities” conversation, itself
  • Summarizing the Priorities Conversation and transitioning to the next topic (whether that’s known in advance or discovered during the Priorities Conversation)


  • Classroom version: Pre-work, one-day classroom session
  • Virtual version: Pre-work, three 1.5 – 2-hour virtual classroom instructor-led sessions

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