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2-minute video sales tips for bank salespeople and management.

Prospecting Strategies: Approaching Dentists

Drilling into conversations with dentists can be very profitable. How do you meet them? What should you talk about? Nick Miller, president of Clarity Advantage, answers these questions and offers real-world examples that can help you build a network of dental practices to fill your pipeline.

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Sales Strategies: Responding to “Tell Me About You” the Right Way

When a prospect asks, “Tell me about you?”, how do you answer? According to Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller, there’s a right way and a wrong one. Get Nick’s tips for answering this common question in a way that’ll reel your prospects in and have them coming back for more conversation.

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Prospecting Strategies: WOW Them with a Reason to Meet

You’ve got to have good reasons to meet when you’re calling on prospects. In this video, Nick Miller, president of Clarity Advantage, shares a four-step process you can use to grab your prospect’s attention and ensure you get the appointment.

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Sales Techniques: 6 Must-Ask Questions for the New Year

There’s no better time to expand your conversations with prospects and customers than when they’re planning to kick off a new year. Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller offers 6 questions you can ask to gain a more strategic look at your prospects and customers, help them articulate their plans more clearly, and solve their business challenges more powerfully.

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Sales Techniques: Better Questions Beget Bigger Sales

Nick Miller, president of Clarity Advantage, explains how you can sell value (and win the business) when customers demand lower prices.

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Sales Strategies: Three Keys to More COI Referrals

Want to increase the number of referrals that you get from COIs? Working on three factors can influence your effectiveness. Find out what the factors are and how to use them to build your COI network.

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Sales Techniques: Managing Account Relationships with Balance

Maintaining balance is critical when managing account relationships. Learn why balance is so important in sales and how to accomplish it (standing on one leg, if you choose!) from Clarity Advantage President, Nick Miller.

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Sales Strategies: 4 Techniques for Closing the Sale

Clarity Advantage’s four-step close can help you avoid objections, deliver stronger value to your clients, and close more accurately and faster. Hear what the four steps are and see them in action as Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller takes you through a real-life sales scenario.

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Sales Strategies: 2 Ways to Jump-Start Your Next Sales Call

Call preparation is important. How do you use the information you collect to best effect? Two ways, according to Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller. Hear what they are and how to use them to jump-start your next sales call and accelerate the discovery process.

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Sales Strategies: 4 Ways to Attract Prospects’ Attention

Attracting prospects’ attention isn’t easy. So, how do you do it? According to Clarity President Nick Miller, four ways. Hear what these attention grabbers are and start attracting more prospects to you.

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