Video Sales Tips

2-minute video sales tips for bank salespeople and management.

Sales Strategies: Developing Closer Relationships

Get three ways to strengthen your client relationships in this sales strategies video for business bankers.

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Networking Strategies: Asking Clients for Referrals

Business bankers, get three ways to increase your introductions and referrals from clients.

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Sales Strategies: Identifying Needs for Treasury Management Solutions

Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller shares three steps to identifying more opportunities for fee-based services, particularly Treasury Management, in this sales strategies video for business bankers.

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Sales Conversations: Two Ways to Strengthen your Questions

There are two ways you can improve the quality and richness of client answers you receive during sales conversations. Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller shares what they are and how you can use them to expand and deepen your client relationships.

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Business Banking: Selling Treasury Management Services

Sell more deposit and cash management services when you discuss cash flow challenges in sales calls. Clarity President Nick Miller discusses three major questions to ask.

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Sales Techniques: Two Keys to Better Negotiating

Tips and techniques to ensure your future negotiations start early and add value.

BONUS: Want to know what really goes on when we’re making these videos? Watch ’til the end!

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Sales Techniques: Keeping Focus on What’s Important

Sell more, faster, when you keep focused and on task while selling.

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Sales Coaching Techniques: Coaching Before a Call

Sales managers: do you know when to coach your reps? Find out here and get a winning game plan you can use in your sales coaching sessions.

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Sales Prospecting Tip: Lead with Results

When you speak to prospective clients, you should focus first on your results.
Watch to find out why and how leading with results can boost your sales efforts.

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Sales Strategies: Helping Clients Manage Change

When you sell, your clients need to change. Get tips to help them manage the change process.

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