Short, Flat, and to the Point

In which we learn to keep our voice mails focused when calling prospects. Normally, I would say, forget about leaving voice mail messages when cold-calling. I delete almost every voice mail I receive from a potential vendor within 5-7 seconds. I didn’t delete this one. I’m planning to call the guy back: Read more »

Leopard Spots

In which we discuss the importance of understanding how people buy…. really. Will the leopard change its spots? No. Will a transactional buyer (who want low price, low hassle buying) change his or her preferences? Don’t hold your breath. Read more »


In which we discuss the value of understanding”the perfect customer” when prospecting. My daughter is engaged in martial arts training. Last night, as I was (desperately) wanting to crawl into bed, she bubbled, “C’mon, Dad, lemme show you what I learned, no pain, I promise. (Grumble, grumble, “Sure, sweetie,” or words to that effect.) Read more »

Two Footed Driving

In which we learn to consider shorter cycle times when communicating with clients and prospects. How many feet do you use to drive your car? A friend and I enjoy lively discussions of this subject. Read more »