And, Then, Be Quiet (Issue 1132)

In which we are reminded to ‘zip our lips” after we’ve made our pitch or recommendation. Read more »

Talk to Everybody (Issue 1109)

In which we are reminded to reach out more… on the street and in our client and prospect accounts. Read more »

Find A Way to Say Yes (Issue 1102)

In which we are reminded to find ways to say “yes” when the “by the book” answer is, ‘no, we don’t do it that way.” Read more »

Concordance (Issue 970)

In which we are encouraged to look at the facts behind our clients’ first thoughts  about their problems before jumping to recommendations. Read more »

What’s Been Happening? (Issue 942)

In which we are reminded that price is often, perhaps even predominantly, not the reason that our prospects defer or decline our offers. Read more »

Options (Issue 677)

In which we are reminded that broad perspective and many options accelerate successful negotiating conclusions. Read more »

Two Months Free (Issue 560)

In which we are reminded that cutting price (at least without being asked) is not a strong strategy for dissolving clients’ purchasing roadblocks. Read more »

Triple Priced (Issue 506)

In which we are reminded that good negotiating outcomes begin with and depend on value-oriented discovery and selling. Read more »

Domination (Issue 429)

In which we propose collaborating as an alternative to overcoming. Teenager standing in kitchen. 9:00 pm. Car keys in hand. Preparing to go out with friends. Parent: “No, it’ll keep you out too late.” Teenager: “No, it won’t. I don’t have to be at work tomorrow until 9:00; I can sleep later in the morning.” Read more »

Errands (Issue 412)

In which we are urged to protect our profits in escalating negotiations. My wife (who expertly manages our household day to day) sometimes asks me to run errands for her on a Saturday morning. Typically, we discuss her list and I head out the door. Then the most amazing thing happens. Read more »

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