Make It Personal (Issue 1125)

In which we are reminded that introductions and referrals involve personal, not paper,  connections.   Read more »

Snout Bumps (Issue 1095)

In which we are reminded that many prospects prefer to be introduced to potential new vendors by trusted third parties. Read more »

Tasty Diversions (Issue 1094)

In which we are cautioned to look closely before we invest serious time in juicy-looking prospects. Read more »

When Ants Go Marching… (Issue 1089)

In which we are reminded that, if prospects don’t bite on the first bait we offer to get their attention, we could switch bait rather than dishing up more of the same. Read more »

Christmas Tree Lights (Issue 1074)

In which we are reminded that our professional networks can quickly go dark if we don’t pay attention to them. Read more »

Conversation Starters (Issue 1030)

In which we are encouraged while networking or going about our daily tasks,  to wear something that stands out, breaks the ice, and starts conversation.  (Offered with apologies to my Michigan State friends.) Read more »

Boards (Issue 1022)

In which we are encouraged to choose at least one board or organization that draws on our deep energy. Read more »

Try It, You’ll Like It (Issue 981)

In which we are reminded that offering free samples can generate demand for services. Read more »

Joy Sells (Issue 971)

In which we are reminded that purpose, intention, energy, and joy make a difference. Read more »

Strategies to Nurture Professional Relationships

Eight strategies for developing and retaining professional relationships. Make “relationships” a priority. If relationships are important, make them a priority.  We’re busy. We have plenty to do.  Typically, unless there is a major problem or conflict, relationships won’t logically show up as an urgent item on our to-do lists. If relationships really are important, invest … Read more »

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