Try It, You’ll Like It (Issue 981)

In which we are reminded that offering free samples can generate demand for services. Read more »

Joy Sells (Issue 971)

In which we are reminded that purpose, intention, energy, and joy make a difference. Read more »

Strategies to Nurture Professional Relationships

Eight strategies for developing and retaining professional relationships. Make “relationships” a priority. If relationships are important, make them a priority.  We’re busy. We have plenty to do.  Typically, unless there is a major problem or conflict, relationships won’t logically show up as an urgent item on our to-do lists. If relationships really are important, invest … Read more »

The Value of our Sales Time (Issue 964)

In which we are reminded that not all opportunities are worth the effort to land them. Read more »

Little Pops (Issue 961)

In which we are encouraged to touch our clients and prospects more frequently with tastier morsels. Read more »

No Sail (Issue 957)

In which we are reminded there’s no point in selling to people who aren’t buying, hoping they will. Read more »

Mrs. Erhardt’s Admonition (Issue 956)

In which we are reminded to help our clients memorize and repeat our offer. Read more »

Hacking In (Issue 940)

In which we are reminded that patient research about prospects is a critical element of “getting in”. Read more »

Five Fast Ones (Issue 938)

In which we are reminded to prepare for five (or any) predictable sales objections. Read more »

Introducing the Sauce (Issue 897)

In which we are reminded that a referral from a trusted source is the best way to stand out among the many similar providers who seek our prospects’ attentions. Read more »