Managing Sales Process


In which an evening of vigorous Bananagrams reminds us that, when pursuing business with a major account, we’ll do better if we spread out wide, building pathways and advocates in many parts of the firm, rather than concentrating all of our efforts on one person or department. Read more »

Save Room for Dessert

In which we are reminded, again, to conserve capacity for the plum accounts that have the biggest impact on our production. Read more »

Fish & Chips (Issue 1071)

In which we are reminded to segment our client bases so that we can better meet their needs and price accordingly. Read more »

Shouk (Issue 1070)

In which we are reminded that, when looking for an access point to a potential client, a change in direction or perspective can reveal hidden entries. Read more »

Short and Punchy (Issue 1069)

In which we are reminded that, when preparing presentations,  it’s best to assume that people don’t read and they can’t concentrate on much for very long.   Read more »

You’ll Be Sorry (Issue 1067)

In which we are reminded that sometimes, we have to rescue clients from their decisions. Read more »

Are You Funny? (Issue 1066)

In which we are reminded the clients that we can actually attract may be different than the clients we thought, initially, we wanted. Read more »

Pause… Before Proceeding (Issue 1064)

In which we are encouraged to ensure we’ve identified all the key players and moving parts in a client’s buying process. Read more »

A Good Ride (Issue 1063)

In which we are reminded that our clients’ perceptions of how we worked with them can be just as important as the value of the work we provided. Read more »

Tell Me About You (Issue 1061)

In which we are reminded to be… you know…. a little more personal. Read more »