Better Questions, Listening


In which we are reminded to ask (at least) several questions before deciding on a sales recommendation. Read more »

Leaning Birch Trees (Issue 967)

In which we are reminded (before we pitch our solutions) to understand our clients’ goals, competing priorities, and concerns. Read more »

I Had It Painted (Issue 963)

In which we are reminded not to accept, fully at face value, the stories our clients tell us.   When I received this story, shared by a good friend, I loved it immediately. Famous band leader Count Basie was upset because the piano on which he played was constantly out of tune. He told the … Read more »

Have You Had Enough? (Issue 955)

In which we are reminded to confirm clients’ satisfaction with their buying criteria after we deliver (rather than asking a general question). Read more »

Dance to THEIR Tune (Issue 952)

In which we are reminded to dance with clients’ answers to our questions rather than sticking to our own agendas and tasks. Read more »

Washing Groceries (Issue 947)

In which we are reminded, when clients dig in on an issue, to ask questions rather than persuade. Read more »

Let’s Get A Puppy (Issue 943)

In which we are reminded that, when our clients go “short-term”, we should ask, “What if…?”. Read more »

What’s Been Happening? (Issue 942)

In which we are reminded that price is often, perhaps even predominantly, not the reason that our prospects defer or decline our offers. Read more »

Missing The Point (Issue 941)

In which we are reminded to look at the outcomes our clients are seeking to achieve (in addition to understanding what they’re asking for). Read more »

Assessing Buyer Risk Appetites (Issue 939)

In which we are encouraged to explore the bigger picture of what our clients seek to maximize or minimize in purchasing our services. Read more »

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