Better Questions, Listening

Are You From Here? (Issue 1100)

In which we are reminded to clarify the intent behind client and prospect questions. In the Swiss Alps, there’s a cogwheel train that runs from Lauterbrunnen up to Wengen, about 1600 feet higher. Wengen is “car-free” (also, possibly, care-free, we’ll cover that another time). From Lauterbrunnen and all points, the cogwheel train is the only … Read more »

Free To Take It Anywhere (Issue 1096)

In which we are reminded about the value of preparation and in-the-moment responsiveness. Read more »

Clues (Issue 1087)

In which we are reminded that we are (probably) more transparent to our clients than we think. Read more »

What Question Would Work? (Issue 1084)

In which we are challenged to think of a respectful yet strong enough question that could prompt new thinking. Read more »

The Story That’s Sitting Across From Them (Issue 1077)

In which we are reminded that, as modern as we may be, personal interest and personal connection still matter to some of our clients. Read more »

What Could I Tell You? (Issue 1068)

In which we are reminded to ask, first, and then share the appropriate details. Read more »

Leaning Birch Trees (Issue 1062)

In which we are reminded to understand (before we pitch our solutions) our clients’ goals, competing priorities, and concerns. Read more »

Tell Me About You (Issue 1061)

In which we are reminded to be… you know…. a little more personal. Read more »

A Really Good Question (Issue 1060)

In which we are encouraged to be clear about purpose and value when we meet with clients or prospects. Read more »

Shift Speed (Issue 1055)

In which we are reminded to check in on ourselves, from time to time, and shift quickly if we’re off track. Read more »

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