Better Questions, Listening


In which we are reminded that too much focus may mean missed opportunities. Preparing to fly home from a city that shall remain nameless, I drove my rental car through the airport looking for access to the gas station from whose cool, subterranean tanks I needed fuel. I was feeling lucky. No traffic in front … Read more »

Role Plays, Anyone? (Issue 1124)

In which we are reminded WHY we (should, really) practice. Read more »

Be Curious (Issue 1123)

In which we are reminded, when speaking with clients and prospects, to think through the lens of curiosity rather than judgment. Read more »

Different Voices (Issue 1119)

In which we are reminded that even clients that look and feel the same have different voices. Read more »

What If…? (Issue 1116)

In which we are reminded to ask clients how things will go if they don’t go according to plan. Read more »

What’s Important to You? (Issue 1112)

In which, when our clients face  difficult choices, we are reminded to ask the question, “What’s important to you?” Read more »

Are You From Here? (Issue 1100)

In which we are reminded to clarify the intent behind client and prospect questions. In the Swiss Alps, there’s a cogwheel train that runs from Lauterbrunnen up to Wengen, about 1600 feet higher. Wengen is “car-free” (also, possibly, care-free, we’ll cover that another time). From Lauterbrunnen and all points, the cogwheel train is the only … Read more »

Free To Take It Anywhere (Issue 1096)

In which we are reminded about the value of preparation and in-the-moment responsiveness. Read more »

Clues (Issue 1087)

In which we are reminded that we are (probably) more transparent to our clients than we think. Read more »

What Question Would Work? (Issue 1084)

In which we are challenged to think of a respectful yet strong enough question that could prompt new thinking. Read more »

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