Better Questions, Listening

Survival Blinders

In which we are reminded to keep our antenna up even when we’re under pressure to hit a target. [Text received] “Hey, Nick. Rob Smith here. Were you just in the Orlando airport?” Rob is one of my favorite clients. I received his text a few minutes after I settled into my Jet Blue seat … Read more »

You Eat Like A Bird (Issue 840)

In which we are encouraged to look back, at a client’s history of decisions and progress, before moving forward with recommendations for next steps. Read more »

What Questions Reveal (Issue 837)

In which we are encouraged to interpret the patterns of our prospects’ and clients’ questions and probe for their ultimate outcomes. Read more »

Playing In The Future (Issue 836)

In which we are reminded that we provide great value when we help clients and prospects anticipate what’s coming. Read more »