Better Questions, Listening

You Eat Like A Bird (Issue 910)

In which we are encouraged to look back at a client’s history of decisions and progress before moving forward with recommendations for next steps. Read more »

Compère Lapin (Issue 908)

In which we are reminded that personalized  attention to  small details can make us memorable. Read more »

Start Simple. Assume Nothing. (Issue 892)

In which we are reminded to check the basics, first, when we are assessing client challenges. Read more »

Have Things Changed? (Issue 891)

In which we are reminded to explore, with our clients, whether accumulated, “taken for granted” assumptions or conditions have changed. Read more »

It Isn’t “Small” Talk (Issue 890)

In which we are reminded to dig in, behind the surface chit chat, to learn more about our clients. Read more »

I’ll Call You If I Am Interested (Issue 875)

In which we are reminded to ensure that everyone on our teams is prepared to act on opportunities. Read more »

Leaning Birch Trees (Issue 874)

In which we are reminded (before we pitch our solutions) to understand our clients’ goals, competing priorities, and concerns. Read more »