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Strategies to Nurture Professional Relationships

Eight strategies for developing and retaining professional relationships. Make “relationships” a priority. If relationships are important, make them a priority.  We’re busy. We have plenty to do.  Typically, unless there is a major problem or conflict, relationships won’t logically show up as an urgent item on our to-do lists. If relationships really are important, invest … Read more »

Is Your Bank CFPB/OCC’s Next Sales Practices Target? Part 1: Stop “Selling”

[April 20, 2017] Waiting for the knock on your door? Our first check point in evaluating our clients’ consumer and small business sales practices is context: “What is the bank’s philosophy?” Read more »

Wells Fargo Timing: Symptom of Broader Failure

[April 18, 2017] The timing of the Wells Fargo case is symptomatic of a broader failure. The general theory about “why this happened” is that branch incentive programs were wrong (widget-based) and that sales managers were far too aggressive in pushing sales staff to sell more. All true, well documented. However: People tend to “go … Read more »