Positioning Value

Here’s a collection of information-packed, research-based articles we invite you to read and share.

The Business Banking Path to Trusted Advisor
by Nick Miller

Business clients seek advice when they face difficult questions and banks and credit unions aspire to be their “trusted advisors” in those moments on equal footing with their attorneys and accountants. Read more »

Trends in Bank Small Business Website Content
by Karen Tunks

How can banks make their small business websites more competitive? We recently asked Glen Senior, president of The Small Business Company—who has worked with Bank of America, Comerica Bank, The PrivateBank, and Pinnacle Financial Partners on small business website strategy and content development—about what he is seeing that’s working well (and not so well) on … Read more »

Close More Deals at Higher Margins – 3 Quick Tips
by Nick Miller

A well-designed proposal development process offers two benefits to your bank: (1) higher consistency across proposals and (2) higher probabilities that sales people will identify, quantify, and sell value to your customers. Standardize your proposal development process and close more deals at higher margins. Here’s how: Forget product features; customers want to know about the … Read more »

Increase, Protect Price with Value-Based Proposals
by Nick Miller

If you want to increase or protect your price, your teams’ proposals must focus on value, a change in customer operating conditions. Why? Because customers want to know what’s in it for them – how your proposed solution(s) will save them time, make them money, reduce their stress, or make people think more highly of … Read more »

Sell Value First; Negotiate Second
by Nick Miller

When sales people begin negotiating on price too early to get the deal, they give up the bank’s value and margins. The solution: spend time building up the value side before you start negotiating. Here’s how: Correctly identify the client’s problems. Clarify the implications of those problems for the client. Know what additional costs, delays, … Read more »

Bank Small Business Sales Strategies – Increase Profits by Building your Brand
by Nick Miller

A strong brand that delivers increases in small business profitability, referrals, and customer retention doesn’t have to take years to build.  Here are five steps you can get started with today to increase your bank’s small business sales results. A strong brand will accelerate your bank’s small business growth. Your goal should be to develop … Read more »

Bank Small Business Sales Strategies—Shift From Price to Value
by Nick Miller

Want to increase your small business sales productivity and differentiate from your competitors? Then stop dwelling on price and start focusing on value.  Here are three ways to get you started. Salespeople love to whine. Have you heard any of these? It’s hard for us to sell value. Prospects buy on price more now than … Read more »

Accelerate Sales, Increase Client Retention by Translating Brand to Action
by Nick Miller

“How we sell” to our clients matters more to them than product quality, brand perception, and service excellence.  According to the Corporate Executive Board, 53 percent of a customer’s overall loyalty index to a vendor is driven by satisfaction with the sales process.  This number is critical when we are thinking about translating our bank’s … Read more »

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