Desiderata (Issue 1108)

In which we are reminded to maintain healthy balance and strive to be at peace. Read more »

Short and Punchy (Issue 1069)

In which we are reminded that, when preparing presentations,  it’s best to assume that people don’t read and they can’t concentrate on much for very long.   Read more »

Work Your Existing Network

Hi, this is Nick Miller with another in our series of podcasts, this one on “Working Your Existing Network”. The idea of a personal marketing program is to be a strong magnet, to attract the people, companies, and situations that you serve best. There are three essential foundations of a personal marketing program: A clear … Read more »

Expanding Through Natural Affiliations

Let me tell you how my son got into the College of his choice. He didn’t get it on his first try, he was waitlisted. He was a smart kid with good grades who could easily have fit into this college’s freshman class and he was like literally thousands of others of kids with good … Read more »

One Silent Minute (Issue 977)

In which we give thanks honoring those who have nurtured us along the way. Read more »

Sales Insights for What May Be The New Normal

April 14, 2020 Clarity President Nick Miller with friends Jack Hubbard (St. Meyer & Hubbard) and Ned Miller ( Third Act Sales Consulting ) created a “Three Amigos” video highlighting strategies for the Covid-19 influenced sales world. Ned Miller focused primarily on the importance of clear focus, a plan, and maintaining routines. Nick Miller focused … Read more »

Video – David Kerstein and Nick Miller Discuss Branch Trends

November 17, 2019 Consultants David Kerstein and Nick Miller discuss trends for small business banking and delivery through bank branches. Read more »

You Must Be Kidding! – Nick Miller Shares Negotiation Tips

June 1, 2019 Nick Miller will share six points that improve lender outcomes in loan negotiations during a super-regional bank’s August Business Banking Group sales team meeting. “Bankers frequently take too narrow a view of their negotiations,” Miller said in commenting on the engagement. Read more »

Clarity Selected for Common Sales Methods

May 4, 2019 A 100-branch regional bank has selected Clarity to provide and assist the bank to implement new “shared” sales methods that both commercial bankers and branch managers will use with their business clients. Read more »

Clarity to Sponsor and Speak at Bank Trainers Conference.

April 1, 2019 Clarity is proud to support the 2019 Bank Trainers Conference, May 6 – 9 in Atlanta. Clarity President, Nick Miller, and Senior Consultant, Barbara Moore, will lead a one-hour session entitled, “Seriously: Training Is The Last Thing You Should Do” on Wednesday morning. May 8. Session Description: SERIOUSLY: TRAINING IS THE LAST … Read more »

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