Positioning Value

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify (Issue 1107)

In which we are reminded to help clients simplify their purchases of complex products by recommending options based on how they use them and likely outcomes (advantages and benefits) rather than technical wizardry (features).  Read more »

Small Details (Issue 1097)

In which we are reminded to get the small details right, on brand and on purpose. Read more »

One Data Point (Issue 1091)

In which we are reminded that we can lose a client’s confidence with just one “off” experience. Read more »

One They Can Remember (!ssue 1086)

In which we are reminded to create a short, memorable description of what we do. Read more »

Sargent Under Glass (Issue 1083)

In which we are reminded that we need to  understand client preconceptions about us and our services so they’re not disappointed from the get-go. Read more »

More Than Plausible Answers (Issue 1081)

In which we are reminded that people depend on us for accurate responses to their questions AND insights or guidance beyond what they can get through a search engine. Read more »

Are You Funny? (Issue 1066)

In which we are reminded the clients that we can actually attract may be different than the clients we thought, initially, we wanted. Read more »

The Bake Sale (Issue 1059)

In which we are reminded not to open discussions by offering or hinting at price discount. Read more »

Memory Reminders (Issue 1057)

In which we are encouraged to do something or give something to new (or existing) clients that will remind them of us and keep us close long after the first sale, project, or transaction. Read more »

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