Positioning Value

Are You Funny? (Issue 1066)

In which we are reminded the clients that we can actually attract may be different than the clients we thought, initially, we wanted. Read more »

The Bake Sale (Issue 1059)

In which we are reminded not to open discussions by offering or hinting at price discount. Read more »

Memory Reminders (Issue 1057)

In which we are encouraged to do something or give something to new (or existing) clients that will remind them of us and keep us close long after the first sale, project, or transaction. Read more »

Amplify the Melody (Issue 1040)

In which we are reminded that our proposals should emphasize one or two ideas clearly to ensure clients can hear them. Read more »

Repeated Consumption (Issue 1038)

In which we are reminded to identify and promote our distinctive qualities so that clients remember us and purchase again and again. Read more »

Mind On The Gutter (Issue 1026)

In which we are reminded that spray and pray sales tactics usually fail if value is the key to success. Read more »

Slow Down (for the main point) (Issue 1025)

In which we are reminded that, when giving presentations, we should slow down to the speed at which our audiences can comprehend. Read more »

Tired Messages (Issue 1019)

In which we are reminded to update regularly our LinkedIn profiles and other messaging platforms. Read more »