The Voice of Potential Consequences (Issue 1013)

In which we’re reminded to help our clients see what may happen if they don’t change course. Read more »

Never Go Out Without Treats (Issue 1006)

In which we are reminded to notice, recognize, and reward or compliment our colleagues’ (or children’s) productive performance even when they perform well, routinely. Read more »

Imitate (Issue 994)

In which we are encouraged to develop our skills by observing and imitating “the masters”.  Read more »

A Simple Game (Issue 987)

In which we are encouraged to raise continuously our performance through study and practice. Read more »

Practice the Right Stuff Right (Issue 984)

In which we are reminded that, while practice is good, practicing the right stuff correctly is even better. Read more »

What Do You Want To Do? (Issue 976)

In which we are reminded that an advisor’s first role may be to help clients clarify their goals. Read more »

Please… Show Me How (Issue 937)

In which we are reminded to be sure… really sure… that our clients know how to use and benefit from the stuff we sell them. Read more »

Five Pints (Issue 831)

In which we consider whether blindly increasing sales team account loads (to make a business model work) is the best plan. Read more »

Unambiguous (Issue 819)

In which we are reminded that immediate, specific feedback is extraordinarily valuable when changing behaviors or routines. Read more »