Just Like Yours

In which we learn NOT to use the expression “just like yours” unless we KNOW that it’s true.” “Yes, Mr. Miller, and I’ve worked with dozens of companies just like yours.” Just like mine. I know that, in an enthusiastically ingratiating way, he intended me to feel a great, swelling surge of confidence in his … Read more »

What Are We Doing Here?

In which we learn to focus conversation with a single question before launching into broader discussion. Since I’m officially older than 18 years, I find that I’m more easily confused than my teenaged children when we’re in conversation. They’ll ask me questions or say things that leave me wondering, “What did that mean? How do … Read more »

Wedding Shoes

In which we discuss the importance of asking questions to understand the whole problem, not just the part that shows up first and easy. I once went to a wedding in another city. A friend of mine (also engaged to be married and not the world’s sharpest dresser) went into a local men’s clothing store … Read more »

If I Only Had A Brain

In which we discuss the importance of getting to the point fast, particularly with fatigued clients. My daughter is sitting at the next desk in our basement, hours into pounding away on a school assignment. She turned to me and said, “It’s amazing how much your brain deteriorates when you’re tired.” I thought to myself, … Read more »