Table Stakes

In which we are urged to balance our sales pipelines for best results. Summer camp is over. Parents Weekend. The conclusion of a three-week, 300 camper performing arts camp in the middle of upstate nowhere for my daughter, an exhausting frenzy of plays, improvs, musicals, recitals, and revues.  And, speaking of frenzies, camp meal times Read more »

Make An Offer, Part 2

In which we look to emerging trouble or rising opportunity to attract prospect attention. More than once this decade, I have asked a motionless teenager: ‘What are you going  to do this afternoon?’ The leaden replies, ‘I don’t know…………. I can’t think of anything.’ Read more »

Make An Offer

In which it’s suggested that we state a point of view to attract prospect attention. A friend called to share a story. [He knows I’m partial to banks, so this is a bank story, and it could just as easily apply to any business.] He’s sitting in his office, minding his own business, and the … Read more »

It’s Good To Have A System

….In which we discuss the importance of systematic follow up. Two months ago, on May 29, I shared a story about Kevin-the-carpet-guy who called my office phone with the following message. “Hi, this is Kevin, and I’m in the carpet and upholstery cleaning and duct and vent cleaning business.” Read more »