Just Whistle

I walked with a friend as she walked her dogs a few nights ago. Her “hounds” are big, affectionate, and full of energy.   She had them off-leash, so they explored and  investigated at a half-urgent leisurely trot at a distance of 20 – 40 yards or so. At one point, my friend whistled a pattern … Read more »

The Magazine

The weekly mail pickup brought a bountiful harvest of bills, flyers, ads, magazines, and two 9 x 12 envelopes. In one, I knew, were tax documents. In the other…. well, well… from Boston Private Bank and Trust Company….. hmmmm….. I think that’s where John-the-guy-we-call-when-we-refinance-our-mortgages now works….. Ah, shoot, I’ll open it now. Read more »


Back in the day, when giants walked the earth and hair covered my head, I was a guitar player and singer.  I started, self-taught, at age 12. By the age of 19, I was in college, playing out three to four nights a week, thinking I might go professional. Read more »

Positioning the Benefits

It was a brilliant, blue-sky-with-yellow-leaves September Saturday afternoon. With other parents, I was standing on a soccer field sideline, watching the town’s high school soccer team scrimmage another team. The talk was loose and easy – how was your summer, do you think the Red Sox will beat the Yankees, what classes is your son … Read more »

In Summary

“Did you understand what she just said?”  We were taking driving directions from a young woman we’d flagged down on the outskirts of Nassau. Read more »