082508 Main Gates

In which we consider approach prospects from side entrances rather than the main gates. My daughter and twenty three of her well behaved teenaged friends accompanied by two normal-looking middle-aged, female adult chaperones approached the main entrance of a well known, high end department store. Read more »

081808 Now It’s Garbage

In which we urge quality over volume in prospecting approaches. In the 1968 movie, "The Odd Couple," Walter Mathau plays Oscar, a slovenly sportswriter, and Jack Lemmon plays Felix, his neurotic, obsessive compulsive friend who moves in with Oscar after Felix’s divorce. The two don’t fit well together, Read more »

081108 Tips

In which we make the case for more practicing with objections. When I was 9, 10, and 11 years old, I played Little League baseball. I was on the Bisons. Black hats and black socks with itchy white pants and shirts. I played first base and center field. Hours and hours of practice chasing down … Read more »

080408 Making A Whole Pie

In which we discuss planning call capacity to achieve sales goals. Ever feel out of balance during your sales year? Not quite sure how it’s all going to work out? “It’s like a pie,” Tim-the-barber-shop owner said. “Pieces in a pie." Read more »