Five Questions to Ask in January

In which we offer five questions to understand your clients’ big pictures for the year. What better time to expand your conversation with your customers and than in January. Why? They’re finishing their plans for the eleven upcoming months and their New Year’s resolve and resolutions are still top of mind. Read more »

Do You Know The Way?

In which we describe a simple technique which opens the door to differentiation and higher value added. I walk hills for fun and exercise.  Midway through Saturday’s walk, I could hear a car approaching me from the rear, slowing down… stopping…. rolling again…. stopping…coming closer… stopping.  Remembering Spiro Agnew’s observation that “Just because you’re paranoid … Read more »

Ho, Hum

In which we’re reminded to tailor and differentiate our unsolicited approaches to prospects. 2:00 pm. I’m at my desk, working. The phone rings. Caller: Hi Nick this is John Greene at (Securities Firm A) in Chelmsford, how are you today? Me: Great, John. What’s this about? Read more »

Name That Tune

In which we are encouraged to savor our clients’ answers to each of our questions rather than rushing to judgment. Just before the turn of the year, I participated in a “music circle” – 15 guitar players and singers in a circle, amusing themselves on a cold evening by playing and singing songs ranging from … Read more »