Layers of Flavor (Issue 760)

In which we are challenged to communicate the experiential aspects of our products to distinguish them and stimulate client hunger for them. Read more »

Burnt Sugar (Issue 759)

In which we are encouraged to develop a clear distinction, no matter how small, to differentiate ourselves from others and attract referrals. Read more »

Engage New Friends (Issue 758)

In which we are reminded that people “out there” are reading what we write on line…. Really! Read more »

Are You Good Enough They’ll Call You? Issue 757

In which we are reminded that our network reputation for a specific expertise earns us introductions to the people who most need us. Read more »

Old Wounds (Issue 756)

In which we are reminded to take care of “injuries” in our client relationships lest they come back to cripple us later. Read more »