Five Pints (Issue 831)

In which we consider whether blindly increasing sales team account loads (to make a business model work) is the best plan. Read more »

Unambiguous (Issue 819)

In which we are reminded that immediate, specific feedback is extraordinarily valuable when changing behaviors or routines. Read more »

A Fool’s Plan (Issue 774)

In which we are reminded…again… that sustaining training is critical to long term capabilities and performance. Read more »

Quesadilla (Issue 737)

In which we are reminded of positive feedback’s power Read more »

Business Development Games (Issue 627)

In which we are reminded that keeping score is critical to playing well. Read more »

Slow Leaks (Issue 602)

In which we are reminded to fix diversions that slowly reduce our sales time and productivity. Read more »

It Don’t Come Easy (Issue 589)

In which we are reminded to persevere and practice when changing or adding something significant and new to our sales patterns. Read more »

Old Habits (Issue 534)

In which we are encouraged to ask others to help us identify and correct old habits that hold us back. Read more »

092208 Establishing Rapport – The Letter

In which we are reminded that five spoonfuls of sugar before the medicine is better than one. My mother’s brother, Jack, was a banker. Let me rephrase that. A Banker. Capital “B.” Born in the early 1900s in England, on the wrong side of the class divide, he rose to become branch manager of a … Read more »