Prospecting Training

Crab Rangoon (Issue 688)

In which we are reminded to build believers by evoking the experience of using our products and services. Read more »

Snow Blind (Issue 607)

In which we are encouraged to choose mid-range targets to guide us so we’re not distracted by daily swirling. Read more »

The Value We Bring to the Table (Issue 590)

In which we are reminded not to fall for the bait of taking an order just because the customer asked for it. Read more »

Common Interests (Issue 568)

In which we are reminded that starting conversations with complete strangers can be easy if we can find common interests. Read more »

It Ain’t Me Babe (Issue 564)

In which we are reminded that, when we’re asking people for referrals and introductions, it’s best to say specifically who or what we’re looking for. Read more »

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