selling value

Assessing Buyer Appetites for Risk (Issue 787)

In which we are encouraged to explore the bigger picture of what our clients seek to maximize or minimize in purchasing our services. I was riding a city bus from my hotel to a client’s office for an early meeting.  There were some seats open, one next to me, and some people standing.  At the … Read more »

The Best Parts First (Issue 777)

In which we are reminded to tell the best parts of our story (i.e. our results, our value) first in three (or fewer) simple sentences. Read more »

An Early Lesson (Issue 539)

In which we are reminded to focus first on relationship and value demonstration, then on the commissionable task. Read more »

Sell the Strengths (Issue 527)

In which we are reminded to sell the strengths we have rather than those we wish for. Read more »

Triple Priced (Issue 506)

In which we are reminded that good negotiating outcomes begin with and depend on value-oriented discovery and selling. Read more »