Ramming Speed

I went sailing last week. While the New England cold got colder and more snow fell, I escaped for a few moments to a warmer climate and, for a lark and a single credit card swipe,  went sailing for three hours aboard one of the New Zealand 1992  Americas Cup trial boats, NZL-12, a dark-hulled beauty … Read more »

Space Between the Notes

One evening, I went to hear the Boston Pops orchestra, Keith Lockhart conducting, play a program drawn from “The Great American Songbook,” songs made famous by Glenn Miller’s orchestra, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Fats Waller, and others. Read more »

Let’s Meet in April

From the “I wish I’d written down who told me this” department: A friend of my mystery source runs a successful and expanding insurance agency who tells this story: “A guy called me in January and said, ‘My P&C insurance policy renews in February, would you like to quote on it?’ I said, ‘Let’s set … Read more »


The magazine article, torn roughly from its binding, sits on the kitchen counter.  ‘Though unaddressed, its location on the counter indicates it’s for me. Its source and topic suggest whose hands left it there. At once, an invitation and a puzzle. Read more »